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Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program

is an innovative and distinct contract management program. We partner with your company – managing your GSA contract and adding items we have collected into our catalog from our various vendors. We have found that adding large quantities of product to our partners’ GSA catalogs is the best way to generate more sales. This process worked for us as a contractor – and it worked so well that we decided to provide this service to others full time.

We do not charge a fee for our partnership program. Because we benefit from your GSA Sales, we view this as a win-win partnership and do not charge an extra fee for our services. Multiple aspects of our Partner Program are detailed below.

Contract Growth

Our main goal is to grow your GSA Contract. We maintain a large catalog of items formatted and ready to upload to GSA Advantage. All you have to do is ok pricing and forward the files on to your contracting officer. Not only do we prepare the eMods for you – we also add our items to your catalog – which has been proven to boost sales!

Many of our partners were in danger of losing their contracts before partnering with us – and our addition of 50,000+ catalog items not only saved their GSA contract, but made it a successful source of income for our partners’ companies.

Contract Management

Once we save your contract – or add thousands of items to increase sales on your already successful contract – we won’t leave you in the dark. We keep up with the items on your contract so you won’t have to. We keep your GSA Catalog up to date via modifications for pricing changes, TAA compliance, and any other changes that need to be made to your catalog.

Full Catalog Conversion

We’ve helped many of our partners to convert to Full Catalog. We have a list of products that GSA needs in order to convert your contract to Full Catalog. Converting your contract to Full Catalog allows you to sell items in all categories within the Schedule contract. For example – within Schedule 75 (office supplies) – full catalog allows you to provide office services and restroom supplies as well as general office supplies. Expanding to full catalog allows greater diversity of your catalog, and ensures that more GPC cardholders will view your products.

Supplier Relations

One of the most trying aspects of dealing with a large catalog of items is keeping a steady relationship with your suppliers. It is important to have up to date price lists from your suppliers, and a close relationship with your suppliers will often help to drive costs down. We do all of this leg-work for you. Because we process orders for multiple contracts, we have larger buying power than your company alone – which helps us to keep costs down, and to keep your contract competitive.

Order Processing

Once your contract is doing a larger volume – you won’t have to worry about dealing with the large onslaught of orders. We’ll do it for you. We have contract specialists on staff who personally ensure that each and every order gets filled quickly and correctly. Some of our partners decide to have us process all of their orders, while others choose to process orders for their own items and have us process only orders for items we’ve added to their contract.

Customer Service

Our contract specialists are also happy to deal with any customer questions or issues that may arise. Any inquiries into whether an item is in stock, order status, order returns, or any other order related concerns are dealt with by our staff. We represent your company in a professional manner, and deal with customer concerns as they arise – leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on your non-government business.

GSA Audit

When it comes time for you GSA Auditing visit, we’re there for you too. We give you access to our accounting system through an online portal. Before your visit we prepare you for the types of questions your GSA Auditor may ask you, and show you how to navigate our accounting system in order to access the information in question. We’re available to you through every step of your visit, via phone and remote access to your computer if you choose to go that way. Compliance is essential to the health of your GSA contract, and we are well versed in the ins and outs of GSA Contracting rules and regulations. We insure that your contract is in compliance with these rules and regulations and take the stress out of your GSA visit.