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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. GSA contract management and partnerships, in one form or another, is a very common business. SourceTech, offers a unique opportunity in that we can grow your contract size like no other. In researching this business initiative we were in constant contact with GSA including talking to current Contracting Officers to ensure proper compliance.

We understand this is a big step and there may be hesitation with partnering with another business on your hard earned GSA contract. The most important thing is for us to build a working relationship built on mutual trust. That is why SourceTech offers a 30 day rescission in our contract. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services the agreement can be canceled within 30 days.

The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is a Blanket Purchase Agreement between GSA and 15 Schedule 75 contractors, including Office Depot and Staples. According to GSA the goal of the FSSI is to consolidate purchasing to these contractors in order to save money. However, the effect on small businesses that are not part of the FSSI group has been extensive. It is difficult for small businesses, that carry a limited inventory, to compete with the likes of Office Depot and Staples. Because of the FSSI you may have seen a drop in your business. One way to make up for that drop in revenue is to add products to your contract. By strategically increasing your catalog inventory you will put yourself in a much more favorable position to compete.

When the SIP upload is complete the products we add will have part numbers that distinguish them from the part numbers already on your contract. That will give both us and your organization an easy way to separate the orders.

SourceTech does not charge a fee for our Partner Program. We view this as a partnership that is a win-win for both parties involved. Because we benefit from the sales generated from your contract we do not see a need to charge unnecessary fees.

We are happy to discuss pricing for services outside of the Partner Program – contact us for a quote today!