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What is DOD Emall?

DOD EMALL was established in 1998 by The Department of Defense to be the single entry point for DOD and Federal Buyers to shop for and buy off the shelf finished goods and services from the commercial marketplace.

DOD EMALL no longer accepts open market orders. In order to participate on DOD EMALL your company must offer products available from a previously negotiated government contract. Once your company has a GSA contract, you can submit a proposal to list your catalog on DOD EMALL – giving you access to a larger government customer base. SourceTech has successfully listed multiple partners’ contracts on DOD EMALL with little to no effort on the partners’ part. While many contractors have been facing road blocks in having their contracts uploaded to DOD EMALL due to a disconnect between DOD EMALL and GSA, we are willing to expend the time and energy it takes to power through these road blocks and get your contract hosted on EDA and DOD EMALL.