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About Us


Source Technology Group L.L.C., a division of E&M Management L.L.C., was formed after many years as a contractor on GSA Schedule 75.  As a contractor we learned first-hand that doing business with the government isn’t easy – you constantly have to think outside of the box.  The key component to our success was offering as large of a catalog as possible to the government. This resulted in exponential growth of our government sales.  We quickly found that many other contractors, who were doing little to no volume with their limited, often niche catalogs, could benefit by mirroring our simple process.  From this realization, our business concept was born and is now being implemented by many contractors on various schedules.  We supply contractors with all the needed tools to grow their catalog size without having to bring on dozens of vendors, keeping up with a 50,000+ item catalog and all of the growing pains that come along with the thousands of increased orders.Though we no longer hold our own contract, our experience growing government contracts – for ourselves and others – shows we are well equipped to help your business increase government sales.   Because we do not hold our own government contract, we are able to focus all of our energy on bolstering YOUR business.

There are many companies currently offering “contract management”. While many of these companies will help you with the proposal writing and submission, as well as the modification processes, none of them truly help you directly to grow your contract. Our Partnership Program not only handles the tasks that your typical contract management company would but also goes above and beyond – focusing primarily on contract growth.  We take care of your contract management tasks without incurring extra fees. SourceTech not only offers you the tools to succeed – we implement them for you!

Our Partnership Program is primarily centered around these goals:

Increase the number of items on your contract.
Increase the number of orders you receive.
Decrease workload for the contract owner.
Assist with all areas pertaining to the GSA.

The major benefit to our service is our partners’ ability to continue to focus on their niche business.  Our partners continue to process the orders for their existing items as normal, while we, as a third party order processor, handle the rest on the contractor’s behalf.  On top of the typical contract management tasks, (eMods, contacting contracting officers, ensuring contract compliance) we handle everything from receiving the order, processing the order, making sure the customer received the item, paying the IFF Fee (Industrial Funding Fee), processing payments, handling returns, customer service inquires, and everything in between.  We also handle all the tracking sales data for your Report Card Visits/GSA Audits, and we are there for you every step of the way through the audit process.

To our knowledge, we are the only true “full service” contract management company out there. You reap the benefits with minimal work on your end!